Well, it's been over thirteen years and WinoWorld is still going strong (we started selling wine, with just a 'simple list' and an 800 number online in 1999, then officially launched a full blown e-commerce software driven site in Setember 2002). We're offering more stunning Pacific Northwest wine than ever and some good juice from another region or two ;) We've just finished a major site overhaul which consisted of ditching Miva Merchant (absolutely horrific e-commerce software if you have any serious number of products to offer, we have upwards of 1200 to 1500 at any given time) and are now running on the superbly written, ASP.NET software from Able Commerce. Our goal is to make shopping at WinoWorld as easy as possible and of course to continue to give incredible service to our customers.

Where did you people come from and how did you get that funny name?
It's a family affair, beginning with The Bald Guy, who is actually Jack Eaves, also known as Wineman. He comes from a career in fine dining with over 25 years experience. His history includes General Manager positions at three of the top twelve restaurants in Dallas during the late 80's and early 90's. City Caf�, located at the Tollway and Lovers Lane being his most recent, prior to that he was at Caf� Margaux and Agnew's at the Promenade. City Caf� is where he achieved his first four Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence, he then received the award three more times at The White Horse Inn, where he was owner/ manager, located in Oklahoma. He was one of only two restaurants in the state of Oklahoma to receive this award. Also, this year (2003), he received it again for hand crafting the Chimney Rock Restaurant wine list at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, and once again one of only two, in the state of Idaho.

Paula Eaves, who gave birth to me - yeah! (but that was way before this all started), has been married to the Bald Guy for 20 years and they still really like each other. She also has restaurant experience, sometimes having worked with Jack, specifically at Caf� Margaux as Supervisor of Catering, providing meals for the Dallas Cowboys and the "Tuesday News Conference", a weekly gathering of 75 media personnel held at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch facility. And she worked at City Caf� To Go, City Caf�'s gourmet take out shop. Before meeting the Bald Guy she managed a music recording studio and for the last 25 years has been in the antique business from wholesale to retail and as of late closed her antique shop adjacent to Wine Sellers by the Lake, to accommodate Bear and The Bald Guy's computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and electronic gadgets of all kinds needed to maintain WinoWorld. Most importantly she helps keep these two crazy guys grounded and as the Bald Guy has been saying for the past 20 years, "Paula you have the best ideas".

Barrett Alexander, also known as Bear, comes most recently from the computer gaming industry, with a stint just after high school in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Aircraft Electronics Technician (Radar Jammers, neato-secret-tech-stuff). He too could not avoid the family trade and thus has years of restaurant experience, including everything from management to installation of restaurant computer systems. His most recent duty was as Chief Executive Officer of Rogue Entertainment, Inc., producers of some famous titles such as American McGee's Alice and Strife, for about 3 years and for the 2� years prior to that, he was the Director of Business Development at id Software, Inc., creators of the smash hit series' DOOM and Quake.

Needless to say, there's definitely a marriage of skills here on this internet wine endeavor.

The name, well, that's just a fun way to describe what we do. We believe that wine is a beverage for all, not the elite, and our name is front and center to show that we're not afraid to have fun, and yet we take wine very seriously at the same time. You can have both!

So, how do I know that you know anything about wine?
In 1997, Jack and Paula had decided it was time to chase their "semi-early-retirement" dream and escape from the sweltering heat of Dallas, and of course, escape the restaurant business (it's a very exhausting business you know). So, they had been preparing for this move, but wanted a higher �comfort' level (well, cash, really), so they asked Bear if he would be interested in investing. They talked about moving to a resort town in North Idaho to open a wine shop and he said �you're nuts�, and then proceeded to match their investment.

About 4 years had passed, and Barrett was looking for a change of pace, 6 years of 80 hour weeks can put the hurt on you. So Bear was going to come to Idaho, ski and write a book for a couple years, then figure out what to do next.

At the same time Paula had been telling Jack, you got to get online with this thing and Jack with a little reluctance decided to look into it. Once doing so, he realized that he could compete on price, as to be fair to the customer and yet still stay in business, AND, he had at his disposal wines that practically no one else was offering, in particular Washington state wines. Fantastic, let's do a web site! Once Barrett got here, it was a group decision to take the website to the next level by creating a large scale, fully secure, e-commerce site. Bear (not so happy he called his folks �nuts� now) decided to become integral in the team (as opposed to just an investor) and in the fall of 2002 we launched the new WinoWorld.

So, the bottom line is that between the three of us having had many years of fine dining history, running wine shops, and so forth, we definitely have wine experience under our belts, and we are continually proving it.

What kind of wine and stuff?
Having the wine shop here in North Idaho for a total of about six years now, Jack knew that the Pacific Northwest was producing some spectacular wines. However, few if any of the online sites were featuring or focusing on these wines. Jack knew the wine produced in Washington was superb, and without doubt a much better value than the wines from other famous wine regions (you know where). So, it was a no-brainer to expand to the net. It is our goal to show you what "those in the know" are talking about when they say �Washington's Walla Walla appellation is rapidly becoming the leader in the world of wine�. We bring to your doorstep a hand picked selection of these fine boutique wines including: Syrah from Glen Fiona and Seven Hills wineries as well as the much talked about L'Ecole winery Merlots, Cabernets and Semillons. You will also find in our extensive selection of fine wine offerings, some very select red's from the wineries in Washington's Columbia Valley appellation including, Col Solare, Dunham Cellars, Andrew Will, Woodward Canyon, Gordon Brothers, Three Rivers and Hedges, among numerous others. To round out our selection of Pacific Northwest wineries we have also included some of the outstanding Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines from Oregon as well as a select inventory of award winning Idaho wines from Pend d'Oreille Winery and Hells Canyon Cellars.

How are you going to make me happy?
Well, since we informed you above about our cumulative restaurant experience, and most, if not all of it was not at chain restaurants and fast food joints, i.e. it was in fine dining, we sure aught to know about customer service. And frankly, we do. We believe the customer is always right. We're not here to be the biggest wine supplier on the internet, and thus consequently neglecting our customers in the process, but we sure will be the best at what we do, period. As a matter of fact, one of our corporate "required reading" books is Customers For Life by Carl Sewell!

Please visit our Policies section for the low down on our �rules' (which are very common sense oriented), our payment options and other need to know tidbits.

If you are not finding what you want, we have contacts for fine wines throughout the world; just ask us....we will do our best to find that special or hard to find bottle for you, you can always write to the The Bald Guy.

So, are you done here, I'm really tired of reading.
Fine wine, from the world's top wine producing region is what WinoWorld brings directly to your wine cellar. WinoWorld specializes in the hard to find red wines that are being produced in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Truly, the quality of the wine being produced in Washington's four appellations, Red Mountain, Yakima, Columbia Valley and Walla Walla has established the Pacific Northwest as one of the top wine producing regions in the world and we're here to provide them.

Thank you and enjoy the site!