Andrew Will Winery Andrew Will Winery
Andrew Will gets their fruit from Ciel du Cheval, Champoux, and May’s Discovery, and Two Blondes vineyards. Since Andrew Will’s first vintage in 1989 Andrew Will has tried to improve our artisanal skills as Washington winemakers as well as to conform to the simple ideas we started with. The most important of these has been the primacy of the Andrew Will vineyard. While it is possible for Washington winemakers to muddy the reputation of a vineyard by hasty winemaking decisions it is not possible to take fruit from uninteresting properties and turn it through magic into an interesting bottle. The first two vineyards we used were Ciel du Cheval and Champoux.




Andrew Will makes about 4500 cases of Washington wine a year give or take so many hundred cases of Washington Wine. In addition to the blends we make from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, we also make Sangiovese from fruit grown at Ciel du Cheval. The history of the Sangiovese is as full as the other wines we have made but for now it lies in the shadow of the other varieties. We used to make varietal bottlings but by 2003 we had taken a vow to make as fine a Washington wine as we could through blending the most important varieties we grow in Washington wine country.
Andrew Will Wines:
Andrew Will Sorella: The dominance of Washington Cabernet Sauvignon in this year’s Andrew Will Sorella is brought upwards with the addition of Washington Merlot and some Cabernet Franc. The base of Cabernet is in itself a great starting place but once the other varieties are added the fruit is put into balance and forcefully shows its varietal character.  This Andrew Will wine says more through a sense of quiet and poise.
Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval : Andrew Will put no Washington Cabernet Sauvignon into this blend. Andrew Will for a few years wanted to make a wine solely from Washington Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Ciel du Cheval. Andrew Will picked the right year to try as the two varieties Andrew Will chose are strong in the 2010 vintage. A really finely set structure is aided by the transparent and yet deeply flavored Washington fruit present in the 2010 vintage from this Washington vineyard. Followers of Andrew Will will know that a refined and laudatory austerity is one of the hallmarks of the vineyard. Leaving out the Washington Cabernet Sauvignon has brought the vintage into perfect tune.
Andrew Will Two Blondes: This Andrew Will wine is true to the vintage and the Andrew Will vineyard it comes from. The focused and yet soft middle palate is at once indicative of the vintage and the Andrew Will vineyard’s characteristics. The fruit is bright and yet giving. The middle structure of this Andrew Will wine is softly set and so allows for a great deal of immediate pleasure as well as an authentic promise of complexity to come should the wine be stored.  Andrew Will likes it now, if opened for a few hours, with a great variety of food including seafood with almost anything but a cream sauce. Perfect as it is with those foods, it is able to add much to a variety of meats. Anything with a fruit based sauce or smoke is greatly enhanced by the savory kitchen herbal facets of the wine as well as a black fruit profile. Nice wine.
Andrew Will Cabernet Columbia Valley: Early insight into the fruit and structure of Washington Cabernets that are young promise the taster that soon more will be coming. This Andrew Will wine does all that in spades. The mouth feel of bound fruit flavors leaning towards raspberry and black fruit strokes leaves a pleasant experience which promises greater things to come over the next few years. Again, this is a good example of a Washington wine 2011 vintage which is much different from the Washington wines we have seen from WA in the last decade.