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Since founding Buty Winery in 2000, Nina Buty has helped to define the vision for Buty Winery’s

acclaimed Washington wine blends, the philosophy that guides Buty Winery creation and the aesthetic sensibility that informs every aspect of Buty. In addition to the big picture elements that have shaped the success

of Buty Winery, Nina Buty has been responsible for establishing Buty’s sales program, opening its Walla Walla

tasting room, and building the Buty Winery mailing list and Friends of the Beast Wine Club. Today, Nina Buty

oversees every aspect of the winery, working side-by-side with a handpicked team that includes

acclaimed winemaker Chris Dowsett and Iegendary consulting winemaker Zelma Long. At Buty

winery, she is instrumental in the evaluation of all  wine lots, and the selection of the final blends.

At the same time, Nina also oversees Buty’s sales, marketing and public relations programs, with

a focus on developing strong and lasting relationships with customers, trade partners, and the

Walla Walla Valley community.


Since 2001, legendary consulting winemaker Zelma Long has been deeply involved with Winery,

contributing her vision and vast experience to almost every aspect of the winery. An icon,

trailblazer and one of the wine industry’s most celebrated winemakers, Zelma is an integral part of

the  Winery team, working closely with Nina Buty, and winemaker Chris Dowsett. Her four

decades of knowledge and hands-on know-how have helped to shape Buty’s approach to

grape sourcing, the development of Buty’s own Rockgarden Estate and its prized section of

Phinny Hill, and the vineyard-inspired expression of winemaking that has come to define the Winery.



Buty Winery Wines:


Buty Winery Merlot & Cabernet Franc: All of the estate grown  Winery merlot and the majority of cabernet franc are grown in the silt-sands of Conner Lee Vineyard. The minority portion of cabernet franc is from the complex flood deposits of Champoux Vineyard. The two varietals are often evenly split, but the blend is vintage variable.  The oak profile is entirely Taransaud Chateau barrels, both new and used. Buty Winery merlot and cabernet franc wine is elegant, structured, rich and floral. Only Fifteen barrels produced of this Buty Winery gem..


Buty Winery Champoux Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc,  Horse Heaven Hills: A powerful blend of two potent wine varietals, the Buty Winery cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc reach down into complex flood deposits at Champoux Vineyard. Dominated by Washington cabernet sauvignon, this Buty Winery wine is aged in 100% new Taransaud Chateau cooperage, which allows its inherent earth and spice characteristics to shine.  Winery only produced Four barrels of this wonderful washoington red wine.


Buty Winery Conner Lee Vineyard Chardonnay,  Columbia Valley: Grown in silt-sand soil from 1989 plantings,Buty Winery estate grown chardonnay is native yeast fermented, lees stirred with partial malolactic fermentation. It is aged in perfectly matched mature French cooperage, with only 5% new. Texturally Buty chardonnay is creamy and smooth with lovely acidity and richness. Twenty-four barrels produced.