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Sonoma-Cutrer is dedicated to the pursuit of original expression in Sonoma-Cutrer wines. Each  Sonoma-Cutrer wine reflects its regional and seasonal climate, its specific vineyard character – its terroir. From the very first vintage of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay this dedication has taken root and continues to grow.
Sonoma-Cutrer "Grand Cru" philosophy is a unique assimilation of traditional Burgundian winemaking methods and Sonoma-Cutrer wine technological innovation. Every action Sonoma-Cutrer take contributes to creating the very best california  wine that Sonoma-Cutrer vineyards will produce.
Sonoma-Cutrer winegrowing philosophy is a unique assimilation of traditional Burgundian winemaking methods and American state-of-the-art technological innovation. The exacting standards of the French Appellation d'Origin Controlée are used to identify specific Sonoma-Cutrer vineyard blocks at the Sonoma-Cutrer Cutrer and Les Pierres vineyards.  American technology wine making lends its hand to meticulous winemaking methods. The results are Sonoma-Cutrer wines that are indelibly imprinted with all the elements of their place of origin which is California wine country.
All Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnays are fermented and aged in French oak barrels. Sonoma-Cutrer Les Pierres and The Cutrer spend 18 months or longer aging in oak barrels that are coopered to Sonoma-Cutrer exacting wine making standards.
Sonoma-Cutrer's original earthen-floor cellar was built underground. Sonoma-Cutrer's cellars provides an environment with 90% humidity and a cool 58°F ambient air temperature, which protects the  Sonoma-Cutrer wines in barrels from evaporation and oxidation.
Slow maturation in barrels develops complexity and depth, while contributing subtle oak flavors that enhance and elevate Sonoma-Cutrer Les Pierres and The Cutrer.
decorated and storied wine making background made him superbly qualified to serve as only the third head winemaker in the history of Sonoma-Cutrer. It's his expertise and globe-trotting wine background that eventually brought him to Sonoma-Cutrer in the role as Winemaking Director.

Winemaking is often a trade passed down from wine making generation to generation, and Mick Schroeter is no exception. .

It is his long track record of success and illustrious career in Australia and California,  that gave Mick the encompassing experience to take the reins at Sonoma-Cutrer. He considers it one of the wine industry's true dream jobs.Schroeter now lives with his wife, Linda, in Sonoma County, California, along with their children, Matilda, Sadie, and Charlie.
Sonoma-Cutrer Founded as a vineyard company in 1973, Sonoma-Cutrer's foundation was built upon a selection of several key vineyard properties in the marginal benchlands, hillsides and rocky foothills in what later became recognized as the Sonoma Coast Appellation – an area with long, even growing seasons due to the cool and foggy coastal climate.
Initially, Sonoma-Cutrer planted several different grape varieties. By the end of the '70s, Sonoma-Cutrer's Chardonnay grapes had a reputation for exceptional quality and were in great demand by premium wineries. Discussions about creating a cutting-edge winery took root, and Sonoma-Cutrer organized a cadre of wine experts, including Terrence Clancy, Brad Web, Bill Bonetti, Robert Haas, David Reid and Chuck Bennett. Under the guidance of this legendary group, the decision was made to focus on one wine: Chardonnay produced exclusively from Sonoma-Cutrer's own vineyards. Ground was broken for a new Sonoma-Cutrer winery in 1981.
Over the next several years Sonoma-Cutrer , a winery that is the envy of the industry was constructed at the Sonoma-Cutrer  Cutrer Vineyard, home base for the vineyard operation. Sonoma-Cutrer built prototype sorting tables and cooling tunnels to preserve the highest-quality grapes. In addition, Sonoma-Cutrer was one of the first wineries in California to use membrane presses to crush whole clusters of grapes and to construct a temperature- and humidity-controlled cave-like cellar for barrel aging. No expense was spared in the production of the Sonoma-Cutrer.
Today, Sonoma-Cutrer's flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is the number-one-selling Chardonnay in America's finest restaurants according to the annual Wine & Spirits magazine 15th annual Restaurant Poll, April 2004. For many wine consumers, the name Sonoma-Cutrer is synonymous with superb California Chardonnay
"Focus on Chardonnay" is a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and philosophies – and candid discussions of the future of this great varietal. Attended by preeminent  Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay producers from Burgundy and California, the quadrennial symposium has forged rich friendships, stirred passionate dialogue and developed an understanding of what the participants refer to as noble Chardonnay. Understanding man's influence and his philosophy of elevating the california  wine through the application of the science and art of Sonoma-Cutrer winemaking has perhaps been the single most important benefit of the dialogue. Inspirational and powerful, the experience has had a profound effect on the viticultural and winemaking practices of Sonoma-Cutrer.
The first "Focus", held at Sonoma-Cutrer, introduced the Burgundians to the new technologies employed by California's top Chardonnay producers. Focus II, held in Beaune, France, in 1990, enabled Californians to bring home the wisdom behind centuries-old French Grand Cru methods and philosophies.
After Focus II, Winemaker Terry Adams returned from France with a deeper understanding of the Grand Cru philosophy. He was certain that Sonoma-Cutrer's vineyards possessed a higher potential to produce distinguished wines by incorporating important Grand Cru methodologies.
"I realized," said Adams, "that although Sonoma-Cutrer had produced excellent Chardonnays throughout the 1980s, we could raise our standards even higher and produce truly distinctive wines."
In 1992, Sonoma-Cutrer officially launched its own Grand Cru program for the Les Pierres and The Cutrer Chardonnays. While wines labeled Grand Cru are made only in Europe, the term is a fitting title for Sonoma-Cutrer's program, which is defined by the same exacting standards and ideology.
The chardonnay wines of Sonoma-Cutrer express our partnership with Nature, resulting in world-class California Chardonnays and Pinot Noir. At every step from vineyard to bottle, we encourage them to reflect their superior origins of soil, climate and vintage. Each of our sonoma cutrer wines is a study in elegance and complexity: straightforward at first, then evolving in the glass, developing new character, leading to a long, exquisite finish with beautifully balanced fruit and acidity.
Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay is a cuvée chardonnay crafted from several estate vineyards, each contributing its own distinct personality. The gentle elevation, moderate temperatures, and fine sandy clay loam of Vine Hill make it ideal for growing california  Chardonnay. Owsley Ranch stands closest to the Pacific and is influenced by cooling fog pushing through Bloomfield Gap each day. The soils at Shiloh reflect ancient seabed and volcanic ash that changed our topography eons ago, while sonoma cutrer Les Pierres, situated atop an old rock quarry that imparts a flinty mineral character. sonoma cutrer Vines rooted in clay at Kent Vineyard are cooled morning and night by fog, allowing for extended maturation, while the vines at the Cutrer Vineyard struggle through soils marked by the eruptions of Mt. St. Helena.