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Penfold Winery Bin 407. winemaker's notes:
Color: A deep dark core radiating a bright crimson arc.

Nose: Unmistakably Cabernet - no pretense. Subtle oak and complexing V.A. sweetness court lavender / musk / cinnamon... with a competing splash of exotic Middle-Eastern spices for good measure. Bin 707-like complexities... how can this be?!

Palate: Medium to full-bodied, with a firm finish aided ' abetted by chunky Cabernet tannins. Cabernet tightness, with fruit sweetness (choco-mint, blackberry) and an overlay of dusty oak exposed via tell-tale cedar and vanillin nuances. Linear / tight / defined.

Bottle Size: .750
Penfolds was founded in 1844 by Dr. Rawson Penfold at Magill in South Australia. Today, Penfolds is one of the largest exporters of Australian wine and part of one of the largest wine companies in Australia
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