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Vintage 2016

Canoe Ridge Merlot.
The fruit for the Canoe Ridge Merlot was fermented in many small lots, allowing us each lot to be treated as a unique expression of the vineyard. By using a variety of fermentation practices and yeast strains, Canoe Ridge created individual components that were carefully pieced together for the final blend. They used a minimum of fining and filtration, and aged the wine for 15 months in a variety of oak barrels.This is a soft and elegant wine. On the palate, vanilla and toffee notes mingle with lush flavors of cherry and blackberry. The wine is round and velvety, with very subtle tannins and a pleasing finish. Enjoy this easy-to-drink wine with everything from roast chicken to spinach and mushroom lasagna to the perfect hamburger.
Canoe Ridge Merlot

Bottle Size: .750

Canoe Ridge Vineyard's estate vineyard, uniquely sited at a broad section of the Columbia River in eastern Washington, produces grapes of uncommon quality. The vast river moderates temperatures, prolonging the grapes' time on the vines during summer days, which are longer at this northern latitude, while protecting the vines from hard freezes in the winter. Sheltering ridges limit wind damage and hold warmth around the vines. The grapes from this vineyard are as unique as the area, with layers of concentrated fruit and lush, supple texture. The winery uses traditional French cellar practices, such as small-lot fermentation, gentle handling and French oak barrels, to enhance the fruit. To allow the best expression of each lot, the winemaker tailors the yeast strains, barrel selection and fermentation practices to complement the many different dimensions of the fruit. The winery is known for its unique Merlot, which displays the traditional elegant, classic flavors of Bordeaux Merlot, yet has the suppleness of Pinot Noir.
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