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Chateau Ste. Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate Merlot
Our Canoe Ridge Estate Merlot presents flavors of ripe cherries and dark fruit followed by dusty old-world tannins. With increased vine age, this wine is showing more depth, richness and layers of flavor. Try pairing this wine with Italian food.

Wine Spectator
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As Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were floating down the Columbia nearly 200 years ago, they gazed at some hills in the eastern Columbia Gorge and thought they looked like an upside-down canoe. Turns out the ridge is a great place to grow grapes, and now Chateau Ste. Michelle is taking full advantage with one stellar release after another. This is bursting with aromas of plums, espresso and pipe tobacco and flavors of rich, ripe fruit. Bold acidity and aggressive tannins give this age-worthiness.

Bottle Size: .750
Founded in 1934, Chateau Ste. Michelle is the oldest winery in Washington with some of the most mature vineyards in the Columbia Valley. The winery combines Old World winemaking with New World innovation and is best known for its award-winning Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.Chateau Ste. Michelle receives some of the highest accolades in the industry, including "American Winery of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast magazine for 2004 and "2005 Winery of the Year" by Restaurant Wine magazine. In addition, the winerys Eroica Riesling, crafted from a partnership with German winemaker Ernst Loosen, has been named to Wine Spectator magazines prestigious "Top 100" wines list for five consecutive years. Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of the few premium wineries in the world with two state-of-the-art wineries, one devoted to whites and another to reds. This dedicated approach to winemaking allows winemaker Bob Bertheau to build winemaking programs to the unique specifications of red and white wines. While all of Chateau Ste. Michelle's vineyards are located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains where the climate is dry and sunny, Bob Bertheau makes the award winning white wines in Woodinville, 15 miles northeast of Seattle. The winery's expansive, 87-acre estate hosts more than 250,000 visitors annually for tours, tastings, dinners and outdoor summer concerts.
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